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Storing hydrogen

This makes it easier to transport heavy loads. Moving the world above our headsin a CO2-neutral way. Ensure safe operation under extreme pressure. Conserving resources and opening a new chapter in clean transportation. Find out how our research department found a pioneering solution by combining LTK® with carbon and glass fibers, because …


ZP H2 = Future Program Hydrogen. Handtmann Elteka’s innovative hydrogen project – in collaboration with the Ministry for the Environment, Climate and Energy, Baden-Württemberg – is researching a pressurized hydrogen tank that could change hydrogen storage in transport and traffic both economically and ecologically.

Timo Rothenbacher, a member of the materials and process engineering team, explained the advantages and background to this ambitious future project to us at the joint stand of the hydrogen program for the future at HyFcell in Stuttgart and revealed a few exclusive details about:

  • The advantages of the manufacturing process with the very low-viscosity melt, which polymerizes in the anion-activated polymerization to the well-known Lauramid®.
  • This approach requires a great deal of know-how, which Handtmann Elteka has acquired in over 50 years of experience and research.
  • The use cases for which the demonstrator tank was designed and scaled down in order to demonstrate the functionality and technology in detail.
  • The material tests to test the demonstrator’s outstanding properties, such as permeation rates and pressure resistance up to 700 bar.
  • The stability of polyamide PA12, so that as few ions of the plastic as possible are released and the hydrogen is therefore exposed to as little contamination as possible, which would damage the fuel cell.
  • The sustainability of LTK® COMPOSITE, which is based on its recyclability, as the thermoplastic can be completely melted down and reused, which benefits the circular economy.
  • The material combination of LTK® PURE and LTK® COMPOSITE to make the product stronger, safer and more sustainable.
  • The safety of the tank, which exhibits low material embrittlement and very good impact resistance, which extends the service life of the tank immensely.
  • Chemical resistance is one of the greatest advantages, as environmental influences such as UV radiation, weather conditions and various chemicals would damage other materials.
  • The possible applications of hydrogen storage in transportation, floor conveyance and mobility in general.

Take a look at the interview and the case video. If you have any further questions or would simply like to find out more about Lauramid® engineering plastic and its outstanding benefits, you can find us on LinkedIn. Network with us or ask our team directly how we can support you with your idea.

Many thanks at this point to all our partner institutes, such as the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of the Environment, who support Handtmann Elteka in promoting hydrogen technology in Baden-Württemberg.

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Timo Rothenbacher

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