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Lauramid® in seiner reinsten Form.

Unser Hochleistungspolyamid PA12C vereint in sich bemerkenswerte Materialeigenschaften, von denen Sie während eines langen Anwendungszyklus profitieren: Abrasionsbeständigkeit, Dimensionsstabilität, Schlagzähigkeit, sehr gutes Gleitverhalten, hervorragender Memory-Effekt, Lebensmittelechtheit auf Wunsch u. v. m.. LTK PURE® ist auch die Basis aller weiteren LTK®-Anwendungen. Und damit auch wesentlicher Bestandteil Ihrer individuellen Lösung.

Benefits of LTK® PURE:

What makes LTK® PURE so special?


Your component made of LTK® PURE for applications with high precision requirements with: high dimensional stability, good resilience for use in high and low pressure; smooth running; low rolling resistance


Your component made of LTK® PURE for a long service life with: high abrasion resistance; corrosion resistance; UV resistance; no embrittlement at sub-zero temperatures; high temperature resistance; resistance to crude oil, natural gas, chemicals (acidic and alkaline) and salt water; long service life even in 24/7 operation; recyclability.

Universal use

LTK® PURE in any application – from heavy duty to food contact with: Food-safe according to FPM/FDA; neutral taste; lubricant-free use; noise reduction; high load-bearing capacity; low dead weight; good sliding properties; very good damping properties; low mass moment of inertia for highly dynamic applications.

Product types made from LTK® PURE:

Shape, size and circulation almost without limits.

Halbzeuge aus LTK® PURE

Wir gießen Ihre Halbzeuge und verarbeiten sie je nach Bedarf vorgedreht, konturnah oder zugeschnitten – in Form von Rundstäben & Vollzylindern, Rohren oder Platten.

Fertigteile aus LTK® PURE

Wir fertigen Ihre Bauteile in unserem innovativen Maschinenpark – in Form von Rollen & Rädern, Zahnrädern & Kettenrädern, Exzentern & Kurvenscheiben oder Dichtungen.

Sonderlösungen aus LTK® PURE

Wir entwickeln Ihr Bauteil gemäß Ihrer Anforderung – in individueller Form und individueller Größe.

LTK® PURE in the application:

For every industry. For every requirement.


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Our service portfolio for you:

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Lauramid® with
Metal in the core.

Your individual component or semi-finished product in maximum PA12C quality and increased stability with a directly cast metal core that is inseparably bonded to the plastic.


Lauramid® strong in the network.

Your individual component made of a mechanically inseparable composite of the high-performance polyamide PA12C with carbon/glass fibers for higher tensile strength and impact strength with reduced weight.


Lauramid® in
Large series.

Your small-format component, manufactured from 100% recycled chips using the PA12 injection molding process in genuine LTK® quality for large batch sizes.


Lauramind® in Form printed.

Your complex or prototype functional component made from fully recycled PA12C filament that can be recycled several times with all the advantages of LTK®.