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We are Handtmann.
We are Elteka.

Over 5 generations, we have researched, managed and worked on the innovative capacity of our company with and for our employees. 150 years of Handtmann and 55 years of Elteka bring solutions, safety and universality for your future and your productivity.

The man behind the innovation

Driven by his endless thirst for research and undaunted by setbacks, Arthur Handtmann found the perfect version of cast polyamide 12 C and named it Lauramid® engineering plastic.

A globally unique formula from Handtmann Elteka and a perfect solution for every industry and every requirement.

Our story:

55 years Handtmann Elteka.

55 years of experience, 55 years of development, 55 years of ideas in plastic. With over 130 employees in 6 countries, we work together to find your solutions. For every industry. For every requirement. Already since 1968. We are Handtmann. We are Elteka.


Our claim:

The perfect solution. For every industry. For every requirement.

Thanks to cross-team cooperation and perfect communication between sales, technical development, production and shipping, we guarantee optimum execution of your order. This guarantees the delivery of a product that meets your quality requirements.

“The spirit that we have now achieved, the team spirit and everyone pulling together, one for all and all for one. That’s absolutely great.”

Mark Hoffmann, Managing Director

Your direct contact to us:

Are you looking for your personal contact?

Our employees look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Mitarbeiter Christian Stöhr

Christian Stöhr

Head of Mechanical and Plant Engineering

Mitarbeiterin Valentina Hartmann

Valentina Hartmann

Sale of finished parts

Benjamin Dalinger

Sale of finished parts

Mitarbeiterin Kerstin Stach-Seither

Kerstin Stach-Seither

Sale of semi-finished products

Mitarbeiter Patrick Rupf

Patrick Rupf

Sale of finished parts

Tanja Wieland, Claudius Ritivoi & Sabrina Ahlemann

General consulting and sales